MDHashTool 0.4

This version introduces support for Link Fingerprints, a scheme for embedding checksum information in URLs that makes it possible to automatically verify download integrity. Other features: MD5 and SHA1 digest calculation for single files or text strings, drag and drop support, integration with the download manager, and updated help documentation. See Release Notes for more information.

For Firefox 1.0.x [Windows-only] For Firefox 1.5 Beta 1 [All platforms]
mdhashtool-0.4.xpi (111 KB)

version 0.4, released 08/29/05

MD5 checksum:

mdhashtool-0.4dp.xpi (105 KB)

version 0.4dp, released 09/14/05

MD5 checksum:


Open the installation file (named mdhashtool-X.X.xpi, where XX is the release number) by clicking the appropriate link above or by downloading the installer (.xpi) file to your local hard drive and opening it via the browser File menu. Upon opening, once you confirm that you wish to proceed, the installation script will register the extension with the browser and place its files in the MDHashTool folder* under the Firefox profile/extensions area:

Once the installation has completed, exit the browser. The next time you start Firefox, MD Hash Tool should be installed and an "MD Hash Tool" item will be added to the browser Tools menu.

*The UUID for MD Hash Tool, {e024a034-cb0a-4683-b85b-35281f1bc76f}, will be used as the name for this folder when installed for Firefox 1.0.x. When installed for Firefox 1.5, the folder will be named "".

To Uninstall

Use the FireFox extension manager to uninstall MD Hash Tool. Open the extension manager by choosing "Extensions" from the browser 'Tools' menu, select the MDHashTool listing, and click the uninstall button at the bottom of the window. Restart the browser to complete the removal.

The mdhashtool project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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