What's New
  • 09/14/05 - Version 0.4dp, for Firefox 1.5 Beta 1, released.
  • 08/29/05 - Version 0.4 released.
  • 02/17/05 - Version 0.3 released.
Of Interest

MD Hash Tool

Message Digest Hash Tool is a Firefox extension which can be used to compute Message Digests for files and/or text strings using various algorithms (currently MD5 and SHA-1). These digests, sometimes referred to as "digital fingerprints", are commonly used to verify that files have not been corrupted or tampered with. MDHashTool makes it easier for Firefox users to check the integrity of their downloads and generate digests for files they want to share.

Hash generation is based on the md5sum/sha1sum backend modules ported from the GNU Core Utilities package with as little modification as possible. MD Hash Tool replaces the command line interface of those GNU utilities with a graphical user interface that can be opened from the browser Tools menu or the downloads window context menu.

Other features:


A prototype version has been released for the Windows platform. Actively seeking help with compiling and maintaining the hash generation component, nsMDHash, for non-Windows platforms. If you're familiar with XPCOM development and are interested in contributing, please contact me.


Your comments or suggestions are welcome - please see the contact page for information about how to get in touch.

The mdhashtool project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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